B is for Brave

Entering a social media conversation can sometimes seem like jumping rope double dutch. It's hard to know when to start

It wasn’t that long ago that I attended a TweetChat.  And I told the women running it that I felt like I was doing double dutch jump rope.

Remember in grade school when two girls would hold two jump ropes and alternately swing them, as you tried to jump into the middle of it without messing it up? (Truth to tell, I became an A+ double dutch jump roper if I say so myself. But nothing like the acrobatics that some do today in professionally jumping rope double dutch.)

To succeed at double dutch jump rope you need to watch the action and get the rhythm of the ropes embedded in your brain. Often, you start swaying back and forth to the rhythm. Then you can confidently jump in between the swinging ropes and keep jumping to the thump, thump, thump.

If you hesitate…you’re tangled up in a mess.

Entering a social media conversation can feel just as overwhelming as trying to slip between those two swinging ropes…

It’s easy to chat with your friends on social media. You know what they’re interested in, and you know how to connect with them. So you share family pictures, recent events, funny videos, alert them to great sales at the shoe store, make plans to meet up for lunch and so much more.

But when you’re new to using social media as a tool for marketing your business, it’s another story.

All of a sudden, you feel tongue-tied and awkward.

What do you say?

How do you talk to people you’ve never met before?

Who is going to want to hear what you say?

How do you connect with influential people in your niche, whom you admire so much, without feeling pushy?

That’s why in The Social Media Alphabet of Qualities that Build Relationships

B is for Brave

In the Social Media Alphabet of Qualities that Build Relationships, B is for Brave because often we have to overcome mindset barriers before we can use it to market our businesses

Often times, the first hurdle we have to overcome is the barrier in our own mind. We think we need to take the “social” out of social media for marketing our businesses. We think we have to switch to an ultra professional mode that’s all business, business, business.

But that’s wrong. The key to success is never forget social media is about being social.

It’s true that it’s important to present a professional appearance as a business person. Your target market probably won’t want to see every new cat video. Nor do they care to know what you’re eating for lunch every day…unless that’s your niche. You do have to be selective of what your reveal about your personal life. Because once it’s out there, it’s out there for good..

Yet there are many things you can share that keeps it to a good ratio of 90% social and 10% promoting your products and services.

Just as your friends want to know about what you’re doing lately, what you’re reading, what you’re thinking about, whom you’re meeting, where you’re going, tips you’re learning…people who need your products and services will want to know about those things as they apply to their lives or businesses.

You see, that’s the difference…rather than posting what you want to say, now you have to switch your thinking to “what does my ideal client want and need to know about?”

Share if you’ve read a good article, attended a great webinar, or started an online class.

And when you’re listening in on other conversations, watch for awhile to get the feel of the conversation. If you have something of value to add, by all means, do so. But don’t jump in and SELL.

Share others’ articles and social media posts from which your community can benefit.

Add a comment.

Ask questions.

Answer questions.

If you don’t know the answer but you know someone who does, make an introduction.

B could also represent:

Bold, Balanced, Brilliant

B does not stand for:

Brash, Belligerent, Brutal, Bogus.

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