How to Whitelist an Email Address in Popular Email Providers

Learn how to whiltelist an email address in the most popular email providers

Have you ever received an email that suggested you whitelist their email address? Or you’ve subscribed to someone’s newsletter and you don’t ever receive it? Whitelisting that email address tells your email provider that this address is important, that it shouldn’t ever go into the spam folder. Isn’t it frustrating that they also  you don’t tell you how to whitelist an email address? How to whitelist an email address in Continue Reading →

How to Optimize Your New Meta Title and Meta Description Length – 2018 Google Update

How to optimize your new title tag and meta description length - 2018 update

Good news for SEO copywriters and all online business owners! Since Google has recently updated the meta description length and title tag length, we have more space to create compelling content that gets the clicks to our websites. In the past, there was a lot of controversy about using the meta description. Some argued that it was useless, since Google quit using it to establish ranking. They did that because Continue Reading →

How to Know Who to Follow on Twitter and When to Unfollow Them – Use ManageFlitter

Know who to follow on Twitter and when to unfollow by using Managefllitter

Twitter has over 320 million monthly active users. So how do you know who to follow on Twitter? Which connections will support and grow your business, and which ones are just a waste of time? How do you find the right people to follow? When should you unfollow someone? The first thing you should know is that it’s a waste of your money to buy Twitter followers. . If you’ve used Twitter Continue Reading →

Identify Your Objectives for Your New Online Business

What Are Your Business Objectives or Mission Statement? Would you like your own online business? Many entrepreneurs dream of making money online so they can work at home around their own schedule. Over one billion websites are registered (Want to see how many are added in real time? Click here  and watch the numbers spin!) Yet only a fraction of them remain active. Even less make a decent living from their Continue Reading →