B is for Brave

Entering a social media conversation can sometimes seem like jumping rope double dutch. It's hard to know when to start

It wasn’t that long ago that I attended a TweetChat.  And I told the women running it that I felt like I was doing double dutch jump rope. Remember in grade school when two girls would hold two jump ropes and alternately swing them, as you tried to jump into the middle of it without messing it up? (Truth to tell, I became an A+ double dutch jump roper if Continue Reading →

A is for Authentic

Isn’t it easy to spot a phony a mile off?  You just know something isn’t right. They can’t look you in the eye. They act shiftily. Their smile doesn’t have any warmth in it. Their eyes are cold and calculating. It’s like a hyena grinning as it looks at a tasty morsel. Watch out! In social media, people can’t see your body language and they can’t hear the inflections of Continue Reading →

The Social Media Alphabet of Qualities that Build Relationships

the social media alphabet of qualities that build relationships on Facebook

Do you have the personality for using social media to market your business? Do you have what it takes to make a success of it? Does it feel too confusing? Too complicated? Are you afraid to put yourself out there because you don’t know which conversations to jump into, let alone how to do it? Social media is all about building relationships with people in your community. [tweetthis url=”http://bit.ly/1Pleky4″ display_mode=”button_link”]Social Continue Reading →