How to Know Who to Follow on Twitter and When to Unfollow Them – Use ManageFlitter

Know who to follow on Twitter and when to unfollow by using Managefllitter

Twitter has over 320 million monthly active users. So how do you know who to follow on Twitter? Which connections will support and grow your business, and which ones are just a waste of time? How do you find the right people to follow? When should you unfollow someone?

The first thing you should know is that it’s a waste of your money to buy Twitter followers.

Do not buy Twitter Followers


. If you’ve used Twitter for any length of time, you’ve come across offers to “buy thousands of Twitter followers”. But what good is it to have thousands of followers who aren’t interested in your products and services?

Getting Twitter followers is not about the numbers. It’s about relationships.

You’d never buy your friends or romantic partners would you? You choose to be close to people who have the same interests as you do. The same principle is used when determining who you follow on Twitter…and who follows you as a result of those decisions.

To use Twitter as an effective business marketing tool, you need a highly targeted following of people.

Who should you target?


Word of mouth referrals from your Twitter Follower will grow and support your businessYou should follow and be followed by a mix of people – your ideal clients, potential clients and also influencers in your niche. Attracting clients makes sense because you want to build a relationship with them. Then they’ll purchase your products and services. In turn, because they love what you offer, they’ll excitedly tell their friends about you. And those referrals can lead to more business for you.

But why would you want a leader in your industry to follow you? They’re not likely to purchase your product. Although you never know…they might. Whether they do or not, there are a number of reasons to connect with leaders in your industry:

  • They create excellent content that you can retweet and share with your community. This make you more valuable as a go-to source for information in your niche. And you don’t have to work so hard creating content to keep a consistent presence on Twitter.
  • Influencers will share your content if they see real value in it, because they’re always on the lookout for providing value to their followers.
  • Influencer have already collected a large number of followers who are interested in your niche.
  • Once an influencer follows you, their followers will be exposed to your content. Then it’s very likely they will follow you.
  • You’ll find your ideal client among their followers.

So it bears repeating, you need to know your big niche, the sub-niches you specialize in, and the group(s) of people you want to work with.

  • For example, my big niche is online marketing for small businesses.
  • My sub-niches are copywriting, social selling, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and managing WordPress based websites for my clients.
  • I love working with business coaches, bookkeepers, psychologists, authors, interior designers, and creatively artistic people like quilters. As you can see I like variety.

So how do you and I find these highly targeted people on Twitter?

One of the best tools for easily managing your Twitter account is ManageFlitter. You can create a free account by using your Twitter login information. So have your Twitter password handy. Or you can invest in a Pro account for only $12 a month, which I recommend, for it allows you to do wonderful things.

Let’s examine how Manageflitter assists you in searching for people on Twitter and how you can easily follow and unfollow them.Use ManageFlitter to Grow Your Twitter Followers in a targeted way

The Manageflitter Pro Account search capabilities justifies the monthly price. You can create ultra specific filters to find the right people you want to connect with. You can search for them according to…

  • keyword or keyword phrases
  • hashtags
  • and you can even swipe the collection of followers from your competitors, influential people, and readers of online business journals.

How cool is that?!!

ManageFlitter is also known as the Unfollow Tool, because you can sort through your followers very easily to see:

  • who isn’t following you,
  • who’s inactive,
  • who’s speaks another language besides English,
  • who’s not serious enough to have a profile image,
  • and who’s a fake or spam account.

Once you identify them you can unfollow them and clean up your account. Note: If you have the Pro account, you won’t have a daily limit to unfollows. If you have the free account, it’s limited to 100 per day. You can expand your unfollowing limit by Tweeting about Manageflitter, subscribing to their newsletter, and inviting others to use this tool.

Following the right people and unfollowing the people who are wrong for your business is so important, especially for new online business, because until you have 2000 Twitter followers, you must keep your ratio of followers/following within a 10% balance. If you’re following 2000 but you only have 200 followers, you’re going to have to drop a lot of the people you’re following to get things back into balance.

It’s much safer and more effective to build your targeted Twitter community in a balanced manner, which is exactly what ManageFlitter allows you to do. If you work at it daily, you can have 1000’s of targeted followers within a month.

And ManageFlitter isn’t just for Twitter users either. You can manage your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts through ManageFlitter. You’ll need to bump your Pro account up to $24 to add 5 accounts. However, I’d recommend you work on one social platform first and get a good handle on that, then bump your account up when you’re ready to add more to your schedule. We don’t you spreading yourself too thin!

If you want me to help set up your social media accounts, optimizing them for the best search result so you get noticed by the right people, contact me and let’s talk.

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