My Website Has Been Hacked! Prevent This from Happening to You

Be careful and keep your website security high so your website won't get hacked.

“My website has been hacked!” No one wants to imagine that this could ever happen to their website(s). We comfort ourselves thinking it only happens to the big sites that gather a lot of sensitive, personal information like credit card or banking information. Right? Dead wrong! As you will soon see. It happened to me a number of years ago. I’ve been there. Done that. and it WAS NOT fun. Continue Reading →

Should I Use WordPress for my Business Website?

Should I use Wordpress for my business website? Yes! If....

WordPress is a great platform for beginner and established business websites. When you’re starting a business website, first and foremost you need to choose self-hosting. Free sites like, Blogger, Medium, are fine for hobby use. But if you’re serious about your business, they’re not a good place to start. Self-hosted websites ones where you pay for space on someone’s servers. But you own the web hosting account. You get Continue Reading →