Website Protection

“My Website Has Been Hacked!”

No one every wants to utter those words. But it can happen to anyone, especially if you’re not taking the necessary precautions.


I know. Because a a number of years ago, I had four (yes, four) websites hacked at one time. And let me tell you, it wasn’t fun.


How did it happen?
  • I wan’t paying attention and checking in regularly.
  • I only thought it happened to the “big guys”, no one would bother with me.
  • I didn’t keep my core WordPress software updated.
  • I didn’t keep my plugins up-to-date.
  • And when it came time to rebuild them, I didn’t have a good backup for all of my sites.
  • Well, I had a backup but it was on the server that got infected. I didn’t keep copies of the backups in a secure place off site of my server.
 That’s all it took. It was my own fault.
After hours of work, buckets of tears and tons of frustration, I finally recovered three websites.
The fourth was lost forever because I didn’t have a good backup of it and I would have had to rebuilt it from scratch.
Years of work was lost.


I learned my lesson the hard way.


Don't neglect your website portectionAs a copywriter and social media marketer, I have access to all of my clients’ website passwords and usernames. Now it drives me CRAZY when they have weak passwords, or they use the same password for everything, or they neglect to update their core WordPress software, themes and plugins for MONTHS! They even have web designers and webmasters who are supposed to be taking care of them. It just kills me to see this negligence.




I’m on a mission to make sure my clients don’t have to go through the pain of fixing a hacked website. It’s extremely expensive because of the lost revenue from the website being down plus the cost of getting it fixed.


website protection from hackersAnd that’s not even counting the feelings of being violated and the personal stress from knowing you could have prevented it if you’d only taken the time to secure your website.


Every day there are HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of cyber attacks launched against websites like yours. You don’t have to be a big corporation to be at risk. If you’re online, you need to lock down your website.


It’s nothing personal. These cyber crooks have automated scanning tools scouring the web looking for vulnerabilities in websites so they can infect them with their malicious code.


But when it happens to you, it becomes VERY personal.


You may not even know you’ve been hacked.


In 2013, Sophos Lab reported that 30,000 sites legitimate small businesses sites are unwittingly distributing malicious code that cyber criminals have injected somehow.


ProWebCopy Website Security Audit identifies vulnerabilities so you can fix them and protect your website and personal informationIf it hasn’t happened yet…let’s make sure it never does.


Website Security Audit to identify vulnerabilities, discover secure fixes and lock down your website.It’s essential to identify:
  • your websites vulnerabilities,
  • find the best security fixes,
  • and implement the best website security protocols.
While no one can protect your website from every new threat, you can increase the odds for keeping a healthy and secure website.


And it all starts with doing a thorough website security audit. If you don’t know how to do a website security audit, we’ll be happy to do one for you.

After you know what your security vulnerabilities are, you’ll want to make the necessary changes to secure your website and private information.

If you don’t know how to or want to delegate the job to us, the following table provides you with options that suit your needs and budget.


You’ll also notice that we address the frequently neglected area of having Legal pages like a  Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

It’s not enough to copy someone else’s – that’s plagiarism, a big NO-NO.
The Federal Trade Commission isn’t just going after the big guys.
They’re cracking down on the small businesses who aren’t in compliance.
FTC Guardian provides such protection. It’s software created by a lawyer, Chip Cooper, ESQ,  who specializes in online law. (Let’s be clear, this is not the same as getting legal counsel. It’s designed to keep you compliant with the Federal Trade Commission requirements.) We’ve invested in it and become an affiliate so you get a 1 year complimentary membership as our gift to you. (Once you see what FTC Guardian offers, we’re confident you’re going to want to upgrade to a Pro membership, so you receive all updated information, plus you gain access to so much more. And yes, in full disclosure we get a commission. But this is a service we believe in.)

We don’t expect you to trust us with your sensitive information without first getting to know us. That’s why we invite you to take advantage of our 30 minute FREE consultation.


Here’s what one client says:

"What a relief to have you on my team. You have been catching and fixing all of the new threats to my website each month. I can finally relax knowing you have got me covered. Thanks a million!!!"

In the meantime, here are some of the precautions we take to protect you and us…

We never exchange passwords or user names via open documents in emails or text messaging. We’ll provide you with a password protected document to fill out or get on the phone with you, whichever you prefer.


We request you create a new admin entry into your website for us, so you never have to share your personal admin access. When the work is finished, we’ll remind you to delete this admin permission to protect yourself and us as well.


Website Security Team, Michelle Stephens and Jeff Archambeau work hard to provide website security and protection for all of their clientsWe are a small, brother-and-sister Web Security Team. Michelle Stephens works out of her home office in Enterprise, Oregon and Jeff Archambeau works out of his home office in Woodburn, Oregon.
No employee accesses your private information. Our work environment is very secure.
Only the contracted professional (either Michelle Stephens of Enterprise, Oregon and/or Jeff Archambeau of Woodburn, Oregon) works on your website.