My Website Has Been Hacked! Prevent This from Happening to You

Be careful and keep your website security high so your website won't get hacked.

“My website has been hacked!” No one wants to imagine that this could ever happen to their website(s). We comfort ourselves thinking it only happens to the big sites that gather a lot of sensitive, personal information like credit card or banking information. Right? Dead wrong! As you will soon see. It happened to me a number of years ago. I’ve been there. Done that. and it WAS NOT fun. Continue Reading →

New to Social Media Marketing? How to Get More Traffic for Your Business Online

If you're new to social media marketing, learn how to get traffic for your website from the major social media platforms that your prospective clients use.

A letter About Being New to Social Media Marketing and How to Get More Traffic for your Business Online November 12, 2016 Dear Alyson, It was so good to hear from you again. Lovely to hear all the family news…Now to get to the point…I’m happy to answer your question: “I’m new to social media marketing – does it really work? And how do I get started?” Let me reassure Continue Reading →

Should I Use WordPress for my Business Website?

Should I use Wordpress for my business website? Yes! If....

WordPress is a great platform for beginner and established business websites. When you’re starting a business website, first and foremost you need to choose self-hosting. Free sites like, Blogger, Medium, are fine for hobby use. But if you’re serious about your business, they’re not a good place to start. Self-hosted websites ones where you pay for space on someone’s servers. But you own the web hosting account. You get Continue Reading →

How to Whitelist an Email Address in Popular Email Providers

Learn how to whiltelist an email address in the most popular email providers

Have you ever received an email that suggested you whitelist their email address? Or you’ve subscribed to someone’s newsletter and you don’t ever receive it? Whitelisting that email address tells your email provider that this address is important, that it shouldn’t ever go into the spam folder. Isn’t it frustrating that they also  you don’t tell you how to whitelist an email address? How to whitelist an email address in Continue Reading →

Five Easy Ways to Download an Image from Google Docs

Learn five easy ways to download images from Google Docs.

I love using Google Drive for collaborating with our team. We can create folders, documents, and spreadsheets that everyone can access, share or edit. It streamlines our processes greatly. But the one thing I find really frustrating is that once a team member loads an image to a Google Doc, you can’t just right click and do a Save As. There is no easy way to get those images out Continue Reading →

How to Optimize Your New Meta Title and Meta Description Length – 2018 Google Update

How to optimize your new title tag and meta description length - 2018 update

Good news for SEO copywriters and all online business owners! Since Google has recently updated the meta description length and title tag length, we have more space to create compelling content that gets the clicks to our websites. In the past, there was a lot of controversy about using the meta description. Some argued that it was useless, since Google quit using it to establish ranking. They did that because Continue Reading →

Please, Will You Quit Yelling at Me

When you write messages in all caps it implies that you're yelling at someone.

HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL WHEN YOU READ A MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS?  IT’S THE INTERNET EQUIVALENT OF YELLING AT SOMEONE! I don’t know about you, but I hate opening my inbox and seeing emails with ALL CAPS. It feels like an assault on my system. Because text messages and emails come without the context of voice inflections and body language, it’s not always easy to tell what the Continue Reading →

Instagram Tips Checklist

Instragram your way to fame with these instagram tips checklist

Any business can be marketed on Instagram Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. Instagram is a place where businesses use images and visual storytelling to connect with their customers in meaningful ways. Just to review some user statistics: Instagram Business Tools can help you, the advertiser, grow your business presence and more easily connect with customers within the Instagram mobile app.And since people are becoming more and more visually inclined, it makes Continue Reading →

How Does SEO Work – Search Engine Optimization Simplified

Using search engine optimization keywords is like asking the librarian to help you find a book

  Search Engine Optimization is like going to the Library Do you like visiting your local library? Personally, I love it, because I love books. But just imagine if you were handed 938 million books and told to organize them so people could come and find a specific answer to a specific question about a specific topic easily. How overwhelmed would you be?  Yet that’s what a librarian does by Continue Reading →

Give Photo Credit for Copyright Images from Bigstock

Give copyright credit to the contributor of your images

Have you ever considered how much work photographers and graphic designers put into the images we use for our websites? I’m glad I don’t have to make these high quality images. And I’m happy to respect the intellectual property rights of the contributors to image stock sites. Even if they don’t require that we give each photo credit on our websites and marketing materials, we should gladly pop the information Continue Reading →